How to send an email

Email Center

The email center is a very important tool in the Brick River system. Once you login to the Brick River system, on the top menu, click Email. In the email center window, you can create a new email, view your draft emails, and analyze the sent email statistics.

In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to create a new email.

Step 1- Create a New Email

  1. Once you login to the email center, click Create a new email. The email editor window is opened.
  2. In the Default Template drop-down, choose the required template.
  3. In the Subject field, enter the subject of the email.
  4. Click on the Summary tab to add a summary of the email.
  5. The From Name field is auto-populated by the company name. You can change it if required.
  6. In the From email and To email field, enter the From and To email address as required.
  7. Choose the required Formatting options such as Bold, Italic, Alignment, Underline, Numbering, Bullets, and Indents etc. for your email.
  8. Click on the Mail Merge, Source, and Snippets to add advanced functionalities to your email.
  9. To Add recipients, click the drop-down From a list to choose your contacts list from your previously created contact manager or click By Hand to enter the recipients manually.
  10. Click View/Exclude 3 emails to view your recipient's list.  Click Included to not send the email to that specific contact on the list.  This allows to unsubscribe people from certain email blasts.

  11. Click Preview to review the email and make any changes, if necessary.
  12. Click Test to send a test email.
  13. After you finish composing your message, click the clock icon to schedule the email at a later Time and Date or click Send to send it immediately.