Email Subscription Lists

Email Subscription Lists

In Brick River email system, you can create your own subscription lists and add recipients to those lists. They will make it easier for you to send emails to the selected recipients. You can also sign up people to receive emails by sending the subscription link available in the system.

In this tutorial, let us understand how to create subscription lists. We will also learn more about signup activity in the Brick River email system.

Step 1- Create a Subscription List

  1. Click Email in the main window. The Email Center page is displayed.
  2. Click Subscriptions->The lists.
  3. Click Add New to add a new list.
  4. Enter the following details:
    1. List Name: The name of the list.
    2. Notify email: If you want to notify anyone of the new subscription list. You can add the email address of an administrator in case of a private list and someone unsubscribes from the list.
    3. Is private: Click the toggle button Yes or No as required. If you select No, it will be a public list and anyone who visits the website can add their details to this list. If you select Yes, the list will be private and web users cannot subscribe to the list.
  5. Click Save and click Return to go back to the main window.

Step 2- Sign Up Activity

  1. Once you have created the subscription lists, on the communication page you can view the link to the subscription list. This link can be broadcasted on web pages, emails, and social media to invite users to subscribe to public mailing lists. Click on the link to open the Subscribe page.
  2. Enter your details such as Email, First name, and Last name in their respective fields.
  3. Click Submit. The subscription lists are displayed. Select a list and click Update. Note that the private subscription lists are not displayed.
  4. Click Contacts->Email signups to view the users who have signed up. Note that all the subscribers who are not brick river contacts will be added to the email signups.