Creates a link to launch a View Data Form

@BRT.DataLink() creates a link to launch a View Data Form. The formId: parameter is required.  This is the numeric Id of the Data Form which can be retrieved from DataLink examples provided in the Data Form Window.
Note that if the formId is the only parameter used it may be used without using the parameter name, for example:
@BRT.DataLink(255)  and @BRT.DataLink(formId:255)  are both acceptable.
Optional parameters can be used to pre-fill form fields with default values and to open existing records using the numeric record Id.
Required Parameters
formId: The numeric Id of a Data or Registration Form
Example: formId:250
Each Data and Registration Form is identified by unique numeric ID when saved for the first time.
Data Form IDs
When a Data Form is opened in the Web Console, this numeric Id is revealed in the sample @BRT.DataLink() helper that is generated by the system.
Registration Form ID
The Registration Form ID is revealed in the URL string when a Registration Form is opened in the Web Console ( or in a browser's status bar when pointing to to link to a Registration Form.

Optional Parameters
defaultValues: Pre-fills Data Form fields with values
Example: defaultValues:"MailCity=Exeter&MailZip=03833"
This parameter sets default field values on a data form. For saved Data Forms, the Data Form window supplies sample @BRT.DataLink() helpers with placeholder text for this parameter.
recordId: The numeric Id of table record
Example: recordId:929073
This parameter designates a unique Id of a record in the Brick River database.