Displays HTML error messages on a Page

Use the @BRT.DisplayError() Helper to display the default HTML error message.
To create an error page for a BRT site, create a page with a friendly page name of error.  Add the BRT.DisplayError() to the page to render the default message when a site error occurs. 
This Helper is usually used with @Response.StatusCode() or @Response.StatusDescription to customize error messages for different error conditions.  For example,
@switch(Response.StatusCode) {
case 200:
<h1>No Errors to Report!</h1>
<div>You made it to the error page without causing an error.</div>
<div>You're good.</div>
case 404:
<h1>Where did it go?</h1>
<div>We had a page here, really we did.
Maybe we can tempt you to look for another?</div>
<div><a href="/search">Try again</a></div>
case 500:
<h1>What Happened?</h1>
<div>Wow, we really blew it. That page just blew up!</div>
<div><a href="/search">Let's try again</a></div>

@* For all other errors use the default message *@