Used to display the login help form for user to create an account or change a password.

@BRT.LoginHelp() creates a simple form for a user to provide an email address for account verification.  It uses the 'viewId:' parameter to designate the View that includes the users who may access the secure Pages.  If a valid email is submitted, Brick River will send an email with a link for the user to re-set their password and log in.
This Helper requires the creation of a blank Page which uses the Layout containing the @BRT.LoginForm() Helper and is a Child Page of the secure portal landing page.
For example, the following Site has a secure Page called 'SecurePage' with a Child Page called SecurePageHelp'.
Both Pages use the secure Layout.  The following example displays the Layout code which uses @BRT.LoginHelp() and @BRT.LoginForm to direct users to the 'securepagehelp' and 'securepage' Pages.
@if(BRT.RenderContext.IsDesign) {
    } else if (_user == null) {
      if(Request.Friendly== "securepagehelp"){
      } else {
        <p>Enter the log in</p>
            <div><br /><a href="securepagehelp">Need Help Logging in? </a></div>
    } else {
        <div>You are logged into the members area.
        <input type="button" onclick="self.location = '/@Request.Friendly?logout=logout'" value="Logout"></div>
If the user clicks the 'Need Help Logging in? link on the Login Form they are prompted for an email address.  Following a successful verification, Brick River will send an email with a link for the user to reset their password and log in.
Required Parameters
viewId: Indicates the View which contains the record set to be targeted by the Helper
Example: viewId:"BlogPosts"
The viewID: parameter indicates the View targeted by the Helper. The View can be either visible or invisible to users in the Web Console.
Optional Parameters
condition: Adds a condition to filter records retrieved
Example: condition: (String.IsNullOrEmpty(Request.QueryString["topic"])?null:ConditionMeta.Parse("[Topic.Label]='" + Request.QueryString["topic"] + "'"))
The condition: parameter applies a search or filter condition to limit the EngineRecords retrieved from View named in the Helper's viewId: template.
savedFilters: Applies a saved filter from the View definition
Example: savedFilters:new[] {"LocalNews"}
The savedFilters: parameter names one or more saved filters to be applied to the EngineRecords returned by a Helper.  Values must indicate valid FilterId names included in the definition of the View named in the Helper's viewId: parameter.
template: Applies a Razor template to data elements retrieved by the Helper
Example: template:
            <h4>Meet our Authors!</h4>        
                        @foreach(EngineRecord c in item) {
                              <p><a href="/authordetail?type=@c.GetString("Name")">@c.GetString("Name") </a></p>
The template: parameter is always an optional parameter but virtually all Helpers that create EngineRecord items use either 'template:' or 'itemTemplate:' to style and present item content.
Syntax is:
Any valid HTML and Razor code