Publishing or Archiving Your Sent Emails

Publishing or Archiving Sent Emails

Brick River email system provides you with the option of archiving or publishing your emails. There are two ways of publishing your sent emails.

  1. Use the built-in email archive
  2. Create your sent email as a piece of content

Step 1- Archive sent emails

  1. Open the email center and click on the Sent email.
  2. On the Sent email page, click Add to archive.
  3. In the Select Area drop-down, choose an archive area. The email is added to the archive.
  4. To the view the email, click Email. This opens the email center.
  5. Click Public Archive. The list of archived emails is displayed.

Step 2- Publish Sent emails

  1. Open the email center and click on any Sent email.
  2. On the Sent email page, click Create as content.
  3. In the Content Type drop-down, choose the type of content that you want your email to be published. 
  4. Enter the Content Title.
  5. In the Content Body, type the body of the content.
  6. Click Create Content.
  7. A detailed page showing various options to customize the blog post is displayed. Edit the details as required and click Save.