Email Reports

Email Reports

Reports are an important feature in the email center. You can use this feature to analyze emails over a certain period of time such as 1 week, 1 month, 12 weeks, or 1 year. You can also see the number of recipients and your delivery percentage over time. This will help you plan your email schedules and campaigns based on performance. 

In this tutorial, we will understand more about reports in the email center.

Step 1- Open Reports

  1. Once you open email center, click Reports on the top menu.  
  2. On the statistics page, you can view the number of emails sent, number of recipients, and also the delivery percentage. Let us understand the statistics page in detail in the next step.

Step 2- Understanding the Statistics

Let us understand each and every detail in the report's statistics page.

  • Emails: This graph shows the number of emails sent every month.
  • Recipients: This graph shows the number of recipients that you have the sent the email every month.
  • % Delivered: This shows the delivery percentage of emails over time.
  • Email Blast Opening Percent Performance: This table shows the opening performance of the emails. They are ranked from the most to the least by the opening percentage.
  • Openings%: This column is a very important in the table, as it shows the percentage of openings for each email. This means that people are coming back to the email and forwarding it multiple times. Using this column, you can analyze and improve the quality of your emails.