About Views


A View is a display that defines, sorts, and filters records in a way that best support the content and contact management needs of users. Brick River views define the content of contacts and organize the display of records in the web console. 

Virtually all dynamic data in Brick River is stored as either a content or contacts record. 

  • Content records represent ideas and items of information that your site needs to present to your audience. Content records may include news articles, meeting minutes, blog posts, photo galleries, event descriptions, barbecue recipes, etc.
  • Contacts are records that represent a person, place, or thing that your site needs to keep track of. Contact records may include employees, volunteers, event registrants, conference rooms, company cars, committees, sponsors, etc.

Types of Views

  • System Views - Brick River provides four Content Views (Blog Posts, Events, Features, News) and four Contacts Views (Authors, People, Email Registrants, All Contacts). These are included in all Brick River systems. They can be customized but not deleted.
  • Bundled Views -  These are sets of specialized views available to speed the development of Brick River sites. Brick River designers have created bundles for organizations such as churches, summer camps, theater and performance groups, and many others. 
  • Custom Views - These are the views that you create and control. Administrators can create, modify, and delete custom views.

Custom Views

Developers can create custom Views to define virtually any kind of Content or Contacts.  If your organization uses 'Volunteers' to perform 'Service Projects' - a developer can easily create a new Contact Type - 'Volunteers' and a new Content Type - 'Service  Projects'. Creating Custom Views is documented thoroughly in the Developer's Guide