Using the Publish Data Function to Share Data

Publishing Data 

When you want to get data from Brick River into another system or if you want to share data, you can use the publish data function. You can select the type of content from the Content menu. For the steps explained below, we have used Blog Posts.

  1. On the main menu, click Content->Blog Posts. The list of all the blog posts is displayed.
  2. Select a blog post and click More->Publish Data.
  3. In the Publish Blog Posts window, enter a name and click Create.
  4. Your data is published and the list of available URLs is displayed. You can select a URL and paste it into your browser to view the published content.
  5. To view the published content, click Admin->Published Data. The list of published data links is shown.
  6. Click on a link to view detailed information such as TableId, Access key, Times Run, the Date and Time of the Last Run, etc. If you want to edit the information, the easiest way do it to repeat all the steps mentioned above.
  7. Click Save to save changes, Return to go back to the previous page, and click Activity to view all the activity.