Phone Book Module

We have a useful "progressive web app" module we released on Feb 27th 2022 we call the "Phone Book". It is a simple mobile-friendly contact management tool to replace the Brick River app that is longer available in the app stores. Your users can save it to their home screen and use it like an app.

If you are a user, you can add the phone book app to your home screen AFTER you log in. Apple users be sure to use Safari.

This module is for your higher-level Brick River users to look up contact information. People and/or churches.

It's available on one of your websites at:


How system admins give permission to users

So, if you're a system admin, you'll need to hand out new logins. You did this by going to Contacts > People > to a particular person and ensure they have a username and password 

  • And have "Can access Phone Book" checked.
  • AND, if you they are a higher level user, check the "Can access Phone Book record details" and they will be able to navigate to the record and see ALL the

here is also a checkbox called 

How system admins deploy/get the Phone Book module

Create two layouts. Go to Site > Site Layouts and create one layout called "Phone Book" and have it use the central "Phone Book (Phone Book)" layout.

And create another layout called "Phone Book AJAX" and have that one use the Layout "Phone Book AJAX (Phone Book". You have to add @RenderBody() to the layout you're creating

Then, create two webpages: "phonebook" and have it use the "Phone Book" layout and "phonebookajax" and have it use the "Phone Book AJAX" layout. Make both of them NON searchable and invisible.