Clergy Comp Playbook

Implementing clergy comp in your conference

First, you build the form and set up the config. That's usually done with a Brick River comp concierge over a few weeks. 
Here's a webinar training we did on setup and rollout.

The comp config

Here you build out the properties of the compensation filing period. You give it a filing time. For example "end of this year" and you give it comp start and end dates. For example "next year" so when a comp form is started, it will prefill with those years.

The comp config needs a view. This is the Salary view. You go through the process of removing, editing, and adding fields. Look at what other conferences have done in the form browser over here.

  1. Remove first. Look at fields in the base Salary view and hide any you don't need.
  2. Edit second. What fields in the base will you use but might you need to customize the title and/or description?
  3. Add third. After you've hidden and edited are there fields that just your conference needs? If so, add them in the BASE Salary view.

Are you going to do splits by church/ext min?

If yes, you fill out the "This year's split config field". The view that contains the breakdowns is called: SalaryListings.

If you need splits, you look at the base SalaryListings view with its lonely two fields and decide if you need more.

If you need more, add more.

THEN, on the comp config, put in the Salary field (this is the total), the SalaryListing field (the part per church), and how you want the split. Are they entering dollars or a percent?

Now the BIGGEST LIFT: variables, calculations, show/hides

We usually deploy a developer to help you with these because it's tricky. From a process standpoint, it's best if you assign one or two reps of your conference to work with the Brick River concierge. They will be your conference's go-between between Brick River and the other people in your conference that need to weigh in on the clergy comp form.

Report fields

Add in the fields you want to see on the report. There is one printable dynamic report that clergy and conference people can get that shows all the fields and the breakdowns.

Form done? Start testing in your conference

You want to test as both a FAKE local church person and a real conference person.

Create assignment positions called "Comp local church staff tester" and "Comp conference manager" AND create a "Comp local church pastor test"

You'll then create a FAKE person and give them an assignment of "Comp local church staff tester"

Create a FAKE pastor and assign them to the "Comp local church pastor test" and APPOINT them to a fake/test church.

And you'll pick one or many REAL conference people and assign them to be "Comp conference manager"

Now go to websites > people portal permissions

Set up a "Test local church permission" and let all people assigned as "Comp local church staff tester" see "their forms and people in their church".

Make another permissions called "Test local church pastor" and let all people assigned as "Comp local church pastor test" be able to see "their own forms"

Make another permission called "Conference comp manager" and let all people assigned as "Comp conference manager" to manage comps at the conference level.

Now start logging as all three people in the back door of the people portal

Make comps, test, etc.

Once testing is complete, delete the fake comps AND the fake Comp Approvals.

Let 'er rip

Open the doors for real. Make a permission in websites > people portal permissions to let real appointed and assigned people in. For example "clergy currently appointed" and possibly local church staff like "SPRCs" or "treasurers".

Invite your people into the people portal. Let them create their own logins or seed their logins with your own usernames/passwords.

Watch the people filing.

Help them with login issues.

Any outliers that don't fit the calculations, you can go into Brick River and enter manually in the Compensation record.

Downloading reports and files

Use Brick River's built in downloading for spreadsheets.

Use the "download" ability in the people portal conference comp manager to pull down PDFs of completed clergy comp forms.