Excel unmerging and black-row-filling tricks

Downloading lists and wrestling with merged cells?

It's DEAD EASY to unmerge cells in Excel or Google Sheets. 
All you have to do is "select all" and then there is an "unmerge" button.
BOOM, all your cells unmerged.

What if you want to fill the blank rows with the values above?

Here's a video on it

Or here are the steps

  1. select the columns
  2. press CTRL G
  3. click "special"
  4. select "blank" - this selects all blank cells
  5. enter =(the row cell above the currently selected cell) then press CTRL ENTER
  6. all the blank cells now have the value above
  7. CTRL C on the column
  8. "paste as special - values only" so that it removes the formulas and puts in the value