Questions or things to watch in clergy comp

Should I copy the COMP CONFIG from year to year or alter the existing?

If your values or formulas change from one year to the next, we want you to copy the comp config to a new year. This way you alter the new year's values and it does not affect old comp records.

Should I copy the VIEW or DATA FORM from year to year?

Ideally, NO. You should generically name your data form and view such that it can support multiple years. So instead of naming your view or data form something like "Clergy Comp 2022", just name it "Clergy Comp".

WATCH OUT: Be careful putting in action values in the fields.

For example, you might be tempted to say something in a field like "this year's blah blah is 12.8%" That is going to be a problem next year, because you will have to change the view. And changing a view is more difficult to change the comp config. If you really need to get detailed about the values and formulas, consider having a link to a year-specific document/page with those numbers.

WATCH OUT: Do not have overlapping filing periods for Comp Configs.

Overlapping filing periods will hide the "start comp" button for INDIVIDUALS (not conference managers). Conference managers can always start a comp for any period. 

WATCH OUT: Do not have the same person have two comp records with the exact same comp start date.

You should never have Joe Schmoe - comp record 1 - start date 1/1/2020 and Joe Schmoe - comp record 2 - start day 1/1/2020. This will cause the splitting of records to break because it will not know what comp record on which it is operating.

As a conference manager, how do I start a comp record for a person from the back-end?

Go into the people portal and there is a green "start comp" button. You will enter just the comp start date and come back to the people portal and refresh.