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How to Enable Staff Reports

We have created reports to aid Conference staffs and UMC Cabinets in their work. To help Brick River console admins control who can and can't see these reports, we've added a staff reports section to the UMC People Portal. Watch the video below to learn how to give someone access to staff reports in their portal.

Written How-To

Create the Detailed Sharing Entry for the People Portal

  1. On the top black bar, go to Site and select My Websites from the drop-down list. From the list of websites, select the one with which you use the People Portal.
  2. Scroll or jump down to the People Portal section. Select the green New Detailed Sharing button.
  3. Call the new share something like Staff Reports Access.
  4. Next, create an Assignment Position for staff reporting. Open a new tab and navigate to your Brick River console. On the top black bar, go to UMC and select Assignment Positions
  5. Use the big green button to create a new position called Conference Staff Reporting. Do not give it any attributes. Save and return to the tab where you were creating your new detailed sharing.
  6. At the field Current ASSIGNMENT position of, select the new Conference Staff Reporting assignment position you created.
  7. In the Other section, toggle on the Staff Reports option. Hit Save.

Assign People Access to Staff Reports

  1. Navigate to Contacts and select People from the drop-down list. Search or filter for a person or group of people that you want to give staff reports access to.
  2. Click into the person's record. Scroll or jump down to the Assignments section.
  3. Using the green new button, create a new assignment for the person you want to give access to.
  4. In the Assignment screen, indicate a start date that is before or on today's date. Indicate the Conference Staff Reporting assignment position for the field Position.
  5. Hit Save and return to the People record. Hit Save again. Repeat for all who need access.