Use case: raising money for your sub entities

Many of our customers have sub entities.
They could be camps, churches, areas, chapters, etc.
And many of these sub entities could benefit from your (the parent entity) help.
They may not have the systems or technical expertise that the parent entity (you) have.

You can help them by setting up one or many donation pages for them.
The money can go into YOUR Stripe/bank
OR THEIR Stripe/bank. If you add their Stripe account into your Brick River, then the money will go straight into their account without any work on your end.

Here are some options.

Make ONE (or many) donation page(s) that allow the donor to pick the entity to which they want the donation to go.

Let's say your sub entities are churches. ( But again, they could be camps, chapters, areas, etc).

  1. You'd add whichever of your churches you want to raise money for as "cause" records.
  2. Now decide, for each, where you want the money to go: your Stripe or theirs.
  3. If you want to handle the money and then send them the payments at some interval, have each one of their cause records use your Stripe account.
  4. If you want the money to go directly to them, then link their Stripe account in your system.
  5. Make your donation page live and the donor can pick the church to which they want the donation to go.

How to link a sub entity's Stripe in your system

So, let's say you go the route where you make donation pages on your sub entity's behalf and you want the money to go directly into their Stripe account, here's what you do...

  1. Tell them to create a Stripe account by going to
  2. Have them make a user for you by...
    1. Navigate to Business Settings.
    2. Click on Team.
    3. Select + New Member from the top right corner.
    4. Add your email address to invite you to their Stripe account. 
  3. You then click on "payment accounts" under "reg" or in the "donations center" and "add a new"
  4. This links you to Stripe and you can enter your Stripe credentials for their account.