The Sent Email Screen - Tracking Activity

Sent Email Screen

The sent email page tracks activity on sent messages in real time, as recipients open and forward messages and click links included in the message. 

This tutorial explains the various links and tabs and how to track an activity in the sent email screen. 

Step 1- Open Sent Email

Once you send an email, the sent email page is automatically opened. You can also open it by performing the following steps:

  1. Click Email in the main window. The Email Center page is displayed.
  2. Under Sent, click on the subject of the email to open it. This opens the sent email details screen.

Step 2- Description of the Sent Email Screen

Let us understand each and every detail in the sent email screen.

  • Add to archive: To send the email to the public newsletter archive page.
  • View: To view the email in a browser.
  • Download: Downloads a full list of email activity to an excel spreadsheet.
  • New: To save the email as a new email. Your three options are making the SAME email to NEW recipients, NEW email to SAME recipients, or same email AND recipients.
  • Sent: The sent date and time of the email.
  • By and From: The sender's email address and their reply email address.
  • Status: The status of the email.
  • List size:  The number of contacts that were in the original sender to list.
  • Sent: The email that has been received by the email service provider and is in the process of delivering to your list of contacts. Click on the number 8 to view the list of contacts that the email has been sent.
  • Delivered: The email that has been confirmed by the service provider and is delivered to the respective contacts.
  • Unique Opens: The total number of people who have opened your email.
  • All openings: The total number of times the email has been opened (includes duplicate opens by the same person).
  • Clicks: The number of times a hyperlink within your email was clicked. To see a separate listing on which URLs were clicked, click on the number of clicks in the box. 
  • New bounces: The number of emails which the email service provider has been unable to deliver. There can several reasons such as the server doesn’t recognize your IP and won’t accept mail, the deferred email took longer than 72 hours, the email address doesn’t exist, etc. Click on the number to see the bounced emails and the reason for the bounce. Bounces are automatically moved to a metric called Not Sent. This retains all your contacts and subscriber lists without losing information but doesn't actually send emails to unreachable addresses.
  • Forwards: The number of times the email has been forwarded from a recipient to another person using the Forward this email link at the bottom of the email.
  • Unsub: The number of recipients who clicked on message’s subscription management link.
  • Spam: The number of recipients who marked your email message as spam. 
  • Dropped: The number of recipients who exist in one or more of your Suppression Lists: Bounces, Spam Reports, Unsubscribes.

Step 3 - Track Activity

2020 Update: You can track activity in real-time from the email statistics screen's left-hand bar. You'll see all your opens, deliveries, link clicks, bounces, drops, and deferred emails as they occur. You may also download an excel version of the full list by clicking Download on the email sent screen if you prefer that format.

For an expanded format, click on view all to the right of Activity. A new window is displayed which shows the list of email addresses that had been sent and sorted by the most recent activity. 

Let us understand the activity options in detail:

  • Deferred: This is shown when a receiving server refuses a message, but with a specific explanation that tells our server it’s only a temporary refusal. They usually say things like “user is receiving mail at too great a rate right now, please try again later”, or “user’s mailbox is over quota”. The email service provider will continue to attempt to send messages for up to 72 hours until the message is delivered. After that, if the email is undeliverable, it is marked as "Bounced".
  • Processed: This is when The email has been received by the service provider and is in the process of being delivered to your list of contacts.
  • Delivered, Bounced, and Dropped: The options have been explained above in Step 2.