Configuring a Website


Each website in Brick River is defined by a beautifully simple site record. Sites will also use an image, code, and other files which are typically stored in the Brick River file system. You can create and manage sites by using the My websites link on the Sites menu.

In this tutorial, let us understand how to create a new website.

Step 1 - Create a Site

  1. On the main menu, click Site->My Websites.
  2. Click New to create a new website.
    1. Name: Enter a name for the website.
    2. Short Name: Enter a short name. We suggest a short string of characters with no spaces. In the example above the site, URL will be You can have an alternate short name if need to update your website's name without breaking old links.
    3. Host Name: Enter the domain name. For example, for the Brick River website, enter in that field.
    4. Secure: Toggle the button to redirect HTTP traffic to https. You must have a cert for this to have your custom hostname.
    5. Guest User Identity: Choose Guest Guest from the drop-down list. This will be the identity of un-authenticated website visitors.
    6. Default Layout: Select a layout from the drop-down list to link each page of your site to a layout. All new pages added to a site will link to the default layout if one is indicated here. If no layouts are available, leave this blank.
    7. Make Inactive: Toggle this button to deactivate the sites and prevent the site URL from rendering it in a browser.
    8. Share this site: Toggle this button to allow pages in this site to appear in other sites.
    9. Include this site: Select the drop-down to include this site which will include shared sites on this website. This is used when you have multiple sites sharing pages from a root shared site.
  3. Click Save to the save the changes and Return to go back to the previous page.