Using the Activity Logs to View Activity on your Websites

Activity Logs

Activity Logs is the place where all the log files are collected and analyzed every five minutes. As an administrator, you can check the site activity by using activity logs.

  1. On the main menu, click Site->Activity Logs.
  2. The Activity Logs page shows a Requests graph which shows the busyness of the website and the data transferred in the MB Transferred graph.
  3. Click on the Week drop-down to display the graph according to the Week, Day, Year etc.
  4. Click on All Sites drop-down and select the information you want to be displayed. It can websites, emails, registrations, etc. 
  5. Click on the Usage drop-down and select the following options:
    1. Page Rank: This shows the ranking of the web pages.

    2. Content: This shows the actual content. You can see which actual record are the most popular.

    3. Contacts: This shows the most popular contacts listed in your directories.

    4. Raw: This shows detailed activity logs on that particular day.