Brick River Category fields use predefined lists to present options to users for data entry. For example, contact records have a category field named "Type" used to identify contacts as People, Authors, Conference Rooms, etc.

Step 1 - Create New Category Types

Users who have been granted administrator rights can create and edit category types. 

  1. On the Admin Menu, click Categories. This presents a list of existing categories.
  2. Click New Category Type to create a new category.
  3. Click any category to see the existing options and a button to Add New entries
  4. For example, a website will feature a registration system which will allow users to register for weekend activities. The accommodations for the activities include Dormitories, Cottages, and Campsites. To prepare the system to have a contact type of accommodations, the first step is to create the category type Accommodations with the desired choices.

Step 2 - Add Items to Existing Categories

  1. On the Admin Menu, click Categories. This presents a list of existing categories.
  2. Click a Category name to open a list of existing choices.
  3. Click Add New.
  4. Enter a Label and optionally, an abbreviation, Sort By and Color attribute for the item. For example, to prepare your system to define a new Contact Type of "Sponsor", the first step would be to add this choice in the Contact Type Category List
  5. Click Save. Note that items added to system category lists may be edited and deleted. Categories built into the system, such as Authors, may not be edited or deleted.

Step 3 - Customize View XML Overlays

In our example above we created a category called Accommodations. In order to use this new category, it is necessary to customize an XML overlay using the attribute: CatType. For more information, refer to Administrator guide.