Use Email Code Snippets to Save Time

Code Snippets

Brick River code snippets are chunks of code that can be inserted into pages, layouts, emails, and content records. Brick River provides more than 35 snippets and is creating more all the time. 

In this tutorial, we are going to understand the types of code snippets, inserting them, and using them in the email center.

Step 1- View, Filter, and Insert Code Snippets

  1. Open a new or an existing email in the Email Center.
  2. On the top menu, click Snippets.
  3. In Select a snippet window, choose the snippet and click Bundle
  4. The code snippet window displays all snippets available in the current context. Irrelevant snippets are not shown. For example, snippets that aren't designed to work in the body of an email won't be displayed when designing an email.
  5. You can use filter and search tools to further refine the display of snippets.
    1. Search for a specific snippet by name.
    2. Toggle between a view of All Snippets or Your Custom Snippets Only.
    3. Filter the view of snippets by purpose.

Step 2 - Use Email Code Snippets

Email code snippets can be used to add a lot of features while composing emails. Let us understand each of them in detail:

  1. Email: Button: This snippet creates and formats a button in the body of an email. Insert the snippet, provide button text, button color, and the link to the desired target site.
  2. Email: Card with Image: This snippet adds a full-width card with placeholder image and text to the body of an email. The snippet determines the width of the section where it is inserted and automatically sets an image width and height ( The height is 56% of the width).
  3. Email: Content Digest (Pulls Data): This is an excellent snippet. Insert it into the body of an email and a wizard lets you select content from a database view - and creates cards for each selection with links to the selected content.
  4. Email: Grids(Framer): This snippet makes it easy to insert a grid of square photos and captions in the body of an email.
  5. Email: Image Float: Use this snippet to add a floating image (with caption) to the body of an email. Insert the snippet in the desired paragraph, choose to float the image to the left or right, and compose a caption.
  6. Email: Image Table (Framer): Add this snippet to the body of an email for an instant two column / three-row table.  Replace the placeholder images and text. Format as desired.
  7. Email: Registration Button: This snippet is used to create a registration form button in the body of an email.
  8. Email: Side Images (Framer): This snippet inserts a table into the body of an email with placeholders for images, captions, and text.