Ticketing in Event Registrations

Setting Up Tickets

You can do ticketing in Brick River if you click the "Ticketing" checkbox in the Properties panel of your reg form. Then you have the option to put a little message on the ticket that will print on the ticket in addition to event and attendee names.

Delivering Tickets to Attendees

Once people register AND pay, their tickets are available to them on the confirmation page. There is a big button that says "View/Send Tickets." They can get to the confirmation page right after they register or from their confirmation email.

The participant can print the tickets or email them to the registrants. The system will email each registrant a link to their ticket. The ticket includes a QR code, the event and attendee names, and any other text you added in the first step.

Scanning Tickets at the door

You just need a smartphone with a camera to scan tickets. No special app is required.

  1. In Brick River, navigate to Reg -> Forms. Select your form from the list, and click on Attendance on the top gray bar. From the dropdown, select Share to distribute the attendance tracking link to whoever is going to scan tickets.
  2. This person will open the attendance tracker on their phone.
  3. And finally they will use the phone's camera to scan the tickets.

How to Scan Tickets on an iPhone

How to Scan Tickets on an Android