Video: Mastering Brick River's Reg System

In this Crossings webinar, Paul Schneider shares use-cases for the Brick River Reg system. Donna Hankins, digital project manager at the Holston Conference of The United Methodist Church, contributes and demonstrates some of the creative ways they're using the reg system.

If you're looking for a more basic training, watch this reg system walk-through webinar or read this all-inclusive guide to building a reg form.


Things You Can Use the Reg System For:
  • Big events like annual conference — 2019 Annual Conference Member Registration
  • Regular events — workshops, etc
  • Camp registrations
  • General forms
  • Charge conference forms
  • Simple surveys — 2019 Annual Conference Session Evaluation
  • Donation forms (meh)
  • Forms with conditional routing of notifications
The Greatest Hits of Things It Does NOT Do:
  • Table matrix questions
  • Pull values from the database or write to records in the database
  • Have group reg but with group-level charges
  • A workflow on signatures
Quick Tips and How-To's:
  • Use Stripe over PayPal or Braintree
  • Use the Forms Share to get or GIVE forms
  • Allow changes to submitted forms
  • Add a reCAPTCHA
  • Quick pick ratings
  • Choosing what to see in notifications
  • Sharing reports
  • You can put in a video
  • You can add files
  • You can do conditional questions
  • You can do conditional notifications
  • Sync to DB
  • Embed a form
  • Ticketing and tracking attendance