Handling Email Replies and Misreplies

When a user sends an email from the Brick River email center, it generates a "from" address. This address isn't a valid email address, but sometimes, email clients, such as Outlook, pick up that address and add it to the address book. Then, when someone goes to email you, their email client auto-fills the invalid "from" address, and their email to "you" disappears into the ether.

If someone appropriately hits "reply," to your email, it will send the email to the reply-to address that you indicated when you were building the email communication.

To help with this problem, we made a change to the "from" address generated. Now, as of August 2022, it looks less like a real person's email address. You can read more about this update at this link. The new "from" address format generated is as follows: "msgs"-<customer abbreviation>-<sender id> + "@brtapp.com".
So, if I am Joe Schmoe
and I work at SunHop Inc
and our customer abbreviation is sunhop
and my user Id in Brick River is 123
Then emails sent from me would have FROM (not reply to) address of msgs-sunhop-123@brtapp.com.

While we have taken steps to help email clients not grab and save our generated "from" addresses, it can still happen. Thus, we have updated and improved the ability to access emails sent to the generated from addresses. Here's how:


After selecting Email from the top black menu bar, select the Misreplies option from the gray menu that appears once the Email Center loads. Note that this option is only viewable by those with Email Admin permission.

The misreplies screen loads a list of users who send email. Select an email from the dropdown list to view misreplies specific to that user.


If someone emails an address that ends in @brtapp.com, the misreply catcher:

  • Checks to see if it's a spam email. If it's not ...
  • It checks to see if this is a contact in your database. If yes ...
  • It sends them a reply saying "This is not a valid email box."

If someone emails an old address, such as dan.brt@brtapp.com, we will auto-reply with "this is not a valid email".
If someone emails a new address, such as msgs-brt-123@brtapp.com, will will tell them it is not a valid email AND, since we know the user, we store these emails in a new “misreplies” area of the email area for each user in your database.


  • Note that misreplies purge every 90 days.
  • The old Replies option captures replies to email address that are in the old format, such as dan.brt@brtapp.com. Those emails now receive an auto-reply and still populate under the Replies screen.