Communicating with Registrants

Once you've launched your form, you can immediately start receiving registrations or donations. To review activity for a specific form, click on the form title from the Registration Forms page, accessed by selecting Reg -> Forms on the top, black menu bar. After you've selected the form title from the list, you will see a summary of registrant numbers, registrations sold and the amount of money collected. You can also contact your registrants listed on your registration page in two ways, which we'll explore below.


You can contact all users listed on your registrations page via email and optionally include specific registration-related links.

  1. On the top, black menu bar, select Reg -> Forms. Choose your form. The list of registrants displays. 
  2. You can optionally filter the list of registrants using the drop-down menu. You might do this using the "By Questions" feature to filter for registrants who answered specific questions in a certain way. Or you might filter for only those who haven't paid their registration fee.
  3. Once the list includes the registrants you'd like to email, hit the Email button located to the right of the drop-down menu.
  4. Select the registrant and click Email. If your form is configured as a group registration, the option to email everyone, only organizers or only participants appears. Organizers indicates those who serve as the main contact for the registered group. Participants indicates all the members of each group that is registered. Additionally, two check boxes appear:
    1. Include a link to their confirmation screen: The confirmation screen displays any amounts paid and owed as well as the form's confirmation text that was set when the form was built. If the form is set up to accept online payments, an option to pay an outstanding balance will display.
    2. Include a link to their invoice screen: The invoice screen displays only the amount owed, monies paid and, if online payments are accepted on the form, the option to pay online.
  5. Select the Next button to be sent to the Emailer to craft your message. Learn more about using the Emailer in this article.


Each registrant listed will have three communication options next to their name. Click on any one of the buttons:

  1. Confirmation: Allows you to view the registrant's confirmation screen. The link generated can be shared to anyone, even those who aren't Brick River users.
  2. Invoice: Allows you to view the registrant's invoice screen. The link generated can be shared to anyone, even those who aren't Brick River users.
  3. Message: Allows you to view any emails that have been sent to the registrant. The list includes the auto-generated confirmation email that was sent, if that option wasn't disabled in your form settings.