People Portal Overview

Overview of the People Portal

Brick River administrators can set up a People Portal that allows anyone with a Brick River People record to receive a username and password and access information relevant to them in the People Portal. It’s somewhat similar to what a clinic’s patients might use to view their own medical records, find their next appointment, or pay their doctor’s bill. 

In Brick River, UMC conferences can allow their participants to access annual report forms and charge conference forms, complete clergy compensation forms, view conference information and announcements, see a photo directory of all clergy, review their leadership assignments, and even update sections of their own people record, such as contact information, education history, and CEU’s.

Each conference makes its own decisions about what information will be shared in the People Portal, and with whom it will be shared. Before you move on to the setup of your Portal, you’ll want to know and understand how you want it to work. This document outlines the choices you should make before embarking on the setup process. 

Once you’ve made your design decisions, it’s time to set up the Portal. This is where a bit of tech expertise will come in handy, but if you don't have an IT specialist in your back pocket, we’ve got instructions and videos for the DIY approach! This document gives the basics and links to some support documentation on creating and using data forms and FormVites, both of which are essential tools in the People Portal world. This document walks you through the setup process

After setup comes the fun part! The People Portal is both customizable and changeable, so you can make adjustments based on what your participants need at specific times of the year. A good tip is to put something “irresistible” inside the Portal to provide a tempting incentive to motivate folks to learn about and use this new tool. We’ve got some basics about how participants access their People Portal as well as ideas and options for rolling out the Portal to your conference. This document will help you launch your new People Portal.

But first, you’ll want to work on your design decisions, using this document to help you explore the options.