Using FormVites

FormVites is a forms management and invitation add-on to the Registration Module in Brick River system that allows you to simplify and streamline the process of submitting and sharing a group of forms with one or more individusals. It lets you create reg forms, add them to a FormVite, build your invitation list and send that list an email with a link to the forms. For example, if you want all the people in your company to fill out a set of forms every year, you can use the FormVites option in Brick River. Every person on your list will be emailed a link which will redirect them to the invite page. From this page, they can fill out the list of forms your curated at their own pace. FormVites makes it very easy for everyone to access the forms.

In this tutorial, we are going to understand how to use FormVites.


  • Creating A New FormVite
  • Creating an Invitation List and Emailing the FormVite to It
  • Managing Existing FormVites
  • Diving deeper: An in-depth video explainer on FormVites

Creating A New FormVite

  1. On the top menu bar, click Reg->FormVites. Your list of FormVites displays.
  2. Click Add New. A blank FormVite screen will appear. Enter the details as follows:
    1. Title: Enter the name of the FormVite.
    2. Start: Select or enter the date the FormVite should be first available. Each individual reg form added to the FormVite can have a separate start and end date, which is specified in the form's registration period properties. Read the How To Create a Registration Form doc to learn more about setting start and end dates on individual reg forms.
    3. End: Select the last day the FormVite should be available.
    4. Description: Enter the information which will be displayed on the FormVite page. Give helpful instructions or other information related to the forms.
    5. Contact Name: Enter the name of the person to contact if the invitee has questions.
    6. Contact Email: Enter the email address of that contact.
    7. Files: Upload files that the invitee can download or view.
    8. Requires Approval: Toggle Yes or No to allow FormVite admins to review and approve the individual's submission once they've completed the FormVite. 
    9. Allow Save With Unfilled Required Fields: Toggling Yes allows invitees to save a form without completing all the required fields. However, the invitee still must complete all the required fields in the required forms before submitting the FormVite.
    10. Required Forms: From the dropdown list, select the forms the invitee will be required to complete. All unarchived forms in your reg system will appear here. If you don't have any forms, click Reg->Forms Share and select a form to copy to your reg system. It will be automatically populated in the drop-down list.
    11. Optional Forms: From the dropdown list, select the forms the invitee can optionally complete. 
    12. Optional Multi-Fill Forms: Select the forms that the invitee can fill out and submit multiple times.
    13. Template: Select a template for the FormVite page. You can select from any of your existing registration templates or create a new one.
    14. Archived: Toggle the button to Yes to remove the FormVite from the FormVite listing.
    15. Applicable Registrant Types: Some FormVites receive several submissions, and it would be helpful to sort those submissions by type. Select those types from the dropdown menu. Read more on setting up registration types for FormVites in this doc.
  3. Once you have entered everything, click Save.

Creating an Invitation List and Emailing the FormVite to It

The next step in the process is to create the list of Contacts that the invitation will be sent to.

  1. Click Create the invitation list and select the type of contact that you want to use. For this example, we will use People.
  2. The People screen will display. Filter this list for those you'd like to invite. You can search for a single, specific person or filter for a group. Note when adding the invitees to the FormVite in the next step, you will add all the names displayed on the screen. Keep in mind that you may have to add invitee groups in batches to get everyone you want added to the FormVite invite list.
  3. After you have selected the list of contacts, click More Actions->Add To FormVite. You will be given a list of FormVites, select the one you want to invite the contacts to.
  4. Click Add to this FormVite next to your invitation. You will then be redirected to the FormVite detail page.  
  5. Once you have added all of the invitees, click Email to email them so they know how to get to the FormVite's page. Invitees can be mailed as a group or individually. To email a group, select All Invitees or a set of the invitees by progress level. After selecting the group you will be directed to the emailer to compose your email. Read this doc to learn more about using the emailer.

    The FormVites statuses are explained below:
    1. All Invitees: Everyone added to the invite list, regardless of status
    2. No Response: Added to the invitee list and has not yet clicked on the FormVite link sent via email
    3. Viewed: Viewed the FormVite page but hasn't yet started any forms
    4. Started (but not submitted): At least one of the FormVite forms have been started
    5. Submitted: The FormVite has been submitted and is available for review and approval.
    6. Approved: If the FormVite requires approval, the group of invitees that have had their completed FormVite approved
  6. To email, an individual invitee, select the email icon to the right of the invitee. Emails created through FormVites will always contain a link to the invitees' FormVite page.

Managing Existing FormVites

The FormVites are managed and edited from the FormVites main page. To access the FormVites page, click Reg->FormVites. The list of unarchived FormVites is displayed. 

  • You can search for FormVites by entering the search criteria in the Search field.  
  • Click Copy this FormVite link next to the FormVite to copy it.
  • Click View Archive at the bottom of the page to see the list of archived FormVites.
  • Click on the Title of the FormVite to access the details of the FormVite.

A FormVite's Detail Page

  • The top of the details page lists the required and optional forms included in the FormVite with links to the forms for managing or editing them in the reg system. Click Edit FormVite button to edit the FormVite and access the settings page described in the first part of this doc.
  • Select the Tag to filter for a specific invitee type. This must be pre-configured in the FormVite's settings page before the option displays on this detail page.
  • Select the Progress level of the invitees to filter the invitee list and view only the invitees at that progress level.
  • Click on the Contact name to view the invitee's FormVite page. 
  • If approval is toggled on in the FormVite's settings, once an invitee submits a FormVite, the status of the FormVite changes to Submitted for Approval. The Approve and Unsubmit buttons then become available.
  • If a form needs to be updated or edited after being submitted, click on Unsubmit, so the invitee can go back and edit their forms (provided the reg forms allow for editing after submission). If the FormVite is complete, it can be approved. FormVites can be unapproved later, if necessary.
  • Once a form has been started it is visible from the FormVite's details page. Forms can be viewed for printing, reviewing, editing and managing.

Want to dig deeper?

Here's kind of a long video about everything you need to know about FormVites.