How to Filter FormVite Contacts by Type

Many customers used FormVites to have their churches fill out a set of forms.

The problem was that they had to create a separate FormVite for each district.

Now you don't have to do this anymore. Watch this video to see how to set up your churches or contacts for filtering by "type" or "district".


  1. Go to the Admin menu by clicking the gear on the upper black menu bar. From the drop-down select, Categories. Find the list called Registrant Types and create a type for each of your districts (or whichever tag you'd like to use to filter your FormVite invitees). Click Save.
  2. On the upper black menu bar, go to the Contacts menu and select Churches (or whichever type of contact that will use your FormVite).
  3. Filter your church list by district using the option on the left side of the screen. Once you see one district's churches on the screen (or have filtered for one registrant type on your contact view of choice), use the Mass Edit/Delete feature, located to the right under the More Actions menu, to give them all the appropriate Registrant Type, which you defined in step one.

    For example, you might filter your churches for the Circle District. Using the Mass Edit/Delete feature, you'll update them all to be the Circle District Registrant Type.
  4. Repeat this for however many districts (or registrant types) you plan to use.

Now, your FormVite will allow you to filter by these registrant types. Want to limit the filtering for a particular FormVite? Navigate to your FormVite, select the gray Edit FormVite button and indicated the preferred registrant types in the Applicable Registrant Types field. Click Save.