How to View FormVite Completions by People Record

FormVites are now related to contacts, so you can search by FormVite and get some FormVite values in your results. Read the announcement in this news post, and see the other related documentation articles at the bottom of this page.

The purpose of this post is to share how you can configure your screen in the People view to show your FormVite completions.

  1. Filter the People records as you want it listed. Things like currently appointed, currently assigned, etc.
  2. Directly under the search bar and saved search button, there's a button that says Filter Fields. Select it, and search for FormViteInvitations in the Add Search Fields list. Click the [+] next to it. Then select FormVite without hitting its plus sign.

  3. A drop-down for FormVites appears in the left sidebar. Select the appropriate FormVite from the drop-down list.
  4. Select the Apply To text at the bottom of the filter box. Set the Apply To to FormVite Invitations only.
  5. Now, configure your results fields using the button labeled Results Field in the upper right corner of the screen. Add the fields you want included as columns in your report.
  6. Make sure to find FormViteInvitations on the list, just like you did earlier in this guide, and click the [+] next to it.
  7. Click the Submitted or Approved fields listed that you want to add to your report.

You can take it a step further and add church details to your report. Note: This is not for checking that a person/people from each church have been invited to the FormVite. Only those churches where someone was invited will be included.

  1. Go to the Churches view and filter the records as you want it listed (such as by district).
  2. Add the filter for the FormVite as described above in steps two through four.
  3. For appointed clergy, add this filter: Clergy currently serving > People > FormViteInvitations > FormVite
  4. For assigned laity, add this filter: Currently Assigned > People > FormViteInvitations > FormVite
  5. Filter for the appropriate FormVite
  6. Click the Apply To text in the FormVite filter box and set it to Clergy currently serving only or Currently assigned only, as applicable.
  7. Configure your results fields.
  8. Expand the Clergy Currently Serving or Currently Assigned by selecting the [+] depending on which you are looking for.
  9. Then expand People and FormViteInvitations. Click the Submitted or Approved fields listed that you want to add to your report.